Expert Discussion Panel

Social Transformation in the Age of Polarization

It is now a truism that we live in an increasingly divided world: one of the key impediments to solving global crises of our time. The objective of the seminar is to critically review existing Basic Research programme’s projects and discuss their insights into understanding and addressing present, socio-political and environmental challenges. The seminar’s questions include, among others:    


  • What are psychological, cultural and political challenges to democracy in an increasingly polarized world? 
  • Is understanding culturally determined paths of human development helpful in addressing global challenges? 
  • What is the impact of digitalization on human flourishing and forging inclusive society? 
  • How do young and old generations imagine alternatives for a viable and sustainable future? 
  • What are the strategies to strengthen the dialogue between civil society and politicians and stage a democratic renewal?



Please join us on 16 November at a jamboree of international scholars, Basic Research programme administrators and civil society organizations.